Google Analytics 的朋友?對手? Yahoo Web Analytics

正當大部份的website 都已經利用了google analytics 這個強大的分析功能,而最重要的是完全免費的。


Yahoo 就推出一個web analytics,功能上其實差不多,不過charting 方面,yahoo 的玩法是可以自己drag and drop 去define 自己想要的reporting

custom reporting 應該是最大的賣點呢~


Chowky 覺得好奇怪,為何會有age group, gender 的資料? 太奇怪了。

Visitor Demographics Reports – NEW FEATURE

Better understand who your customers are and how to better align your marketing with your desired audience.
The Demographic reports and dashboard provide an aggregated snapshot of the age groups, gender, and age-gender cross-tabulations of customers from each of your traffic channels. These dashboards help you picture your visitors as people rather than just a series of clicks.
Age and gender can also be used as dimensions for filtering and segmenting data. For instance, it may be interesting to see what age and gender your campaigns are reaching, how audiences differ from channel to channel, and who your audience is for each of your products.
Demographic information can be used to create more targeted campaigns, or to find high performing audiences in new channels.

當然如果flash 方面的integration 未做好的話,chowky 都是會stick with google analytics 先。


About Chowky
Chowky 希望可以透過這個blog 來分享自己學到的知識。亦希望可以分享最新的資訊。 IT 轉變得很快,要常常留意市場的變化,面對大陸的競爭,香港的 IT 方面的人才要更有市場觸覺,緊貼市塲走勢。因為其他地方的IT技術已經走得比以往更快。不進則退,就讓大家一起來交流、提昇IT的心得! Chowky 因為工作關係,所以一開始接觸的是visual basic, foxpro ( 這不代表我老 ) 之後是 .NET, MSSQL 和 Crystal Report. 由工作學到的project management, system analysis and design 以及 system testing, user acceptance tests and different documentations. 另外,由不同的freelance 方面學到dreamweaver, javascript, php, mysql. 後來興起CMS wave, Chowky 亦學會了Joomla! 以及常用的javascript framwork: jquery and mootool. 連deisgn 都要自己包辦,所以接觸了photoshop, illustrator, firework. 新的工作方面,要利用RIA -- Flex and AIR 方面的技術。所以緊接下來應該會多一點分享ria 方面的技術 Chowky 所說的未必是對的,但我深信我所說的是未來 IT Trend. 大家亦應抱著懷疑的態度去分析每一件事,未經思考不要輕易相信。

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