[Flash] Conduit for Flash Pixel Bender

flash 雖然本身都有很多的方法去做到不同效,不過點都不夠用pixel base 來做的效果。

不當然,這個software 都要錢呢~

Are you hitting the limits of visual effects or ActionScript performance in Flash?

The latest Flash Player version 10 introduces a powerful new feature: Pixel Bender shaders. Using shaders you can bypass Flash’s built-in image effects and blending modes and instead manipulate pixels at will. Shaders are rendered in realtime, so they can be applied to video as well as images.

Shaders are not just for graphics either — they can also be used to perform any other intensive computation in Flash. Shader computation automatically takes advantage of modern multicore processors. Shaders in Flash are a high-powered computing engine that allows a web app to jump directly into the multicore era, leapfrogging even traditional desktop apps in performance.

Source: http://lacquer.fi/conduit/pixelbender/

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